TDR Cable Fault Locator with High Accuracy

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Toronto, Canada – GAO Comm has announced the release of this TDR cable fault locator which uses a double cursor display for zoom analysis. This locator is extensively used in testing underground cables to find out impedance break points and locating and revealing cable damage and terminal impedance failures in HFC systems.

This handheld TDR cable fault locator, model A0N00019, features a compact size, light weight and LCD screen with back light. It tests 25, 50, 75 and 100 ohm impedance cables with a length of up to 2 km with a high accuracy of ±1 m ±1%. Its impedance resolution is 5%.

This Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) cable fault locator is able to automatically locate and indicate the position of many kinds of RF cable faults such as short circuits, open circuits or high resistance points. Powered by 7.2 V 1.8 AH Ni-MH batteries, this TDR cable fault locator provides a continuous working period of 8 hours which can satisfy most customers’ requirements.

This handheld TDR cable fault locator belongs to GAO’s family of CATV Meters & Instruments. This line also includes Handheld CATV/QAM Analyzer which has digital signal analysis functions for channel power, MER, BER and constellation diagrams for 16/32/64/128/256QAM/QPSK modulation types, Handheld Signal Level Meter Featuring CATV Testing which is specially designed and manufactured for CATV engineers and technicians to facilitate installation and testing of CATV systems and High Performance TV Signal Analyzer which is available with spectrum measurement, DVB-S/S2 signal analysis, DVB-C signal analysis, remote feeding and control signal setting, and TS analysis and monitoring.

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