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Portable PCM Channel Analyzer
GAO A0050003

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Overview - Portable PCM Channel Analyzer

This advanced portable PCM channel analyzer integrates an analog signal generator/receiver, a selective level meter, a BERT, a signaling generator/receiver, a ring generator/identifier, a Dialer, a DC loop circuit (ICT, OGT), a balanced bridge and a reflecting bridge and other functions into a single instrument. It has functions for measuring PCM voice encoding and decoding performance characteristics and is widely used to measure PCM devices, digital switches, carrier wave communication devices and VoIP devices. With remote control via USB or Ethernet interface, users can develop and design voice channel measurement/control systems under a variety of different conditions. The analyzer also compares the measured results with built-in standard ITU-T tolerance masks to evaluate whether the results indicate a pass or fail. Test results can be uploaded to a computer where they can be further viewed, analyzed, assembled, filed and printed via the included software.

Key Features - Portable PCM Channel Analyzer

  • Integrates a tone oscillator, selective frequency meter, BER tester and Call Generation 5.7 inches 640 x 480 high-resolution color LCD screen
  • Flexible control modes
  • Built-in call set-up circuit can set up testing channel directly by dialing on the tester without the help of other telephone
  • Built-in generator and receiver, analog input and output interfaces are separately with ICT and OGT. Interfaces can be directly tested, including 2/4W E&M, MDR, LGE, FXO, LGS and FXS
  • Built-in balanced bridge and reflecting bridge, return loss, longitudinal conversion loss and longitudinal conversion transfer loss can be measured
  • Remote control signaling group is available
  • Embedded software can be upgraded online
  • Options: A-D, D-D, D-A, E1 BERT

Basic Function - Portable PCM Channel Analyzer

  • A-A voice channel characteristics testing including level, variation of gain with frequency, variation of gain with input level, total distortion including quantizing distortion, idle channel noise, crosstalk, return loss, longitudinal conversion loss, longitudinal conversion transfer loss
  • Auto and manual mode available
  • Performs test of frequency spots sequence of equal step and customized frequency spots Performs selective frequency measuring on all frequency spots
  • Results are shown graphically, and can be compared with the built-in reference module to evaluate whether it passes or fails
  • Up to 100 groups of results and measuring configurations
  • Remote control via USB and Ethernet interface

Technical Specifications - Portable PCM Channel Analyzer

Analog Interface
Frequency Range
200 Hz to 3600 Hz, Step: 1 Hz
5 dBm to -60 dBm, Step: 0.1 dB
Variation of Frequency Response
0.1 dB
Frequency Range
200 Hz to 3600 Hz
Level Range
5 dBm to -60 dBm
Error Range
0.1 dB
Level Range
-60 dBm to -90 dBm
Error Range
0.5 dB
Interface Impedance
600 Ω, 200 Ω+ 560 Ω//0.1 uF, 200 Ω+ 680 Ω//0.1 uF, customized Impedances 0 Ω(output) and high impedance (input)
600 Ω
Interface Type
DC Loop
Dynamic impedance>100 kΩ
Dynamic impedance >100 kΩ, Loop Current: max. 60 mA
Digital Interface
75 Ω(Unbalanced), 120 Ω(Balanced)
Output Code
Coding Method
A-rule, μ-rule
Frame Type
PCM30/30CRC, PCM31/31CRC
Tx Clock Source
Internal, Interface
E1 Error Testing
Testing Pattern
220-1, 215-1, 211-1, 29-1, 27-1, 1111, 0000, 1010, 32 bit programmable
Basic Analysis
Error, EFS, Current error ratio, Average error ratio
ES, DM, SES, Unavailability
Power Supply
AC 220 V 10%, 50 Hz
Working Temperature
0 C to 50 C
Storage Temperature
-20 C to 70 C
5% to 95% non- condensing
293 mm 195 mm 56 mm
Approx. 1.8 kg